Reduce noise and shock

Coating adhesive material has a certain degree of sound absorption and shock absorption effect 

With polyester ammonia sponge (silent tire can effectively reduce noise and shock) 

New energy vehicles preferred

beat365最新版2022静音胎技术原理Technical principle of Honghai silent tire

beat365最新版2022专利Silent Max 聚氨酯材料涂覆在轮胎内侧,能有效吸收行驶中产生的空腔噪音。

Honghai patent Silent Max polyurethane material is coated on the inside of the tire can effectively absorb the cavity noise generated during driving. 

经实测数据表明,Silent Max的吸音降噪性能可在原胎基础上,下降6~9个分贝。

The measured data show that the sound absorption and noise reduction performance of Silent Max can be reduced by 6~9 dB compared with that of the original tire. 

beat365最新版2022静音胎Silent Max可搭配自修复胎Seal max 使用,业界唯一,静享安全出行。

Honghai Silent Tire “Silent Max” can be used with self-repairing tire “Seal Max”, the only leading technology in the industry, allowing drivers to enjoy quiet and safe travel. 

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